Synergy '22


13.00 - 13.30 Welcome & registration
13.30 - 14.15 

Plenary opening: Synergy Café

Joining you at your table around the central stage are professionals from the research and education sector, government, Dutch Top Sectors, and social partners. Keynote speaker, dr. Bernice Bovenkerk (WUR) en prof. dr. Tom van der Meer (UVA), will open Synergy ’22. They have been invited to take a stand based on their vision and to offer challenging questions to the audience. Perspectives will be shared and collected at every table. A great opportunity to share your ideas and get to know your peers!

14.30 - 16.30 Breakout sessions
16.30 - 17.00    Plenary closing and presentation of the Synergy award
17.00 - 18.00

Drinks: Closing & Drinks


Breakout sessions

Building impact

Making Play out of Work?!

Dr. Yuri Scharp (Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam -Researcher Pillar Organizational Dynamics in the Digital Society)

PrACTical Knowledge

Development (Digital) SSH Infrastructure Strategy

Alice Dijkstra (NWO) (e.a.)

Debate Café

From Rotterdam to Hungary and Uganda: Connecting Science to the Football Pitch for Resiliency in Adolescents.

Prof. Brian Godor (Department of Psychology, Education and Child Studies Erasmus University Rotterdam)

PrACTical Knowledge

Greater than the sum of its parts? Interdisciplinary collaboration in practice

Dr. Saskia Stevens (Universiteit Utrecht) (e.a.)

Studio Talk

Hybrid Work and positive influences from leisure activities to work: developing an intervention tool

Prof. Dr. Laura Den Dulk (Erasmus University Rotterdam - Department of Public Administration and Sociology) (e.a.)


Collectively reflecting on 'giving back' in social science and humanities

Dr. Valentina Mazzucato (Maastricht University ) (e.a.)

Debate Café

Public health science on tour - public engagement beyond the usual suspects

Ir. Maaike Muller, MSc (Aletta Jacobs School of Public Health - University of Groningen ) (e.a.)

PrACTical Knowledge

Panl - reaching people in the Netherlands

Prof. Dr. Antske Fokkens (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam ) (e.a.)

Debate Café

Co-creation for societal impact

Dr. Nicky Pouw (University of Amsterdam) (e.a.)

Debate Café

Working across the Atlantic: research collaboration in the Kingdom of the Netherlands

Programme Caribbean Research: a Multidisciplinary Approach ()

Studio Talk

Building trust

Changes and continuities in political (dis)trust: a Dutch citizen's perspective (2010-2022)

Dr. Leonard Van ‘t Hul (The Netherlands Institute for Social Research / Sociaal Cultureel Planbureau )


The ethics of engineering: should you take up a job with Facebook?

Associate professor Oded Raz (Eindhoven University of Technology) (e.a.)

Debate Café

Policy Responsiveness in National and European Union parliaments: Analysing Partisan Preferences in Multilevel Settings from Political Speech

Dr. Christine Sylvester (University of Strathclyde) (e.a.)


What to ask? Building trust by enabling your audience to ask better questions about the science you'll present.

Jan-Willem Mantel (ARQ National Psychotrauma Centre) (e.a.)

PrACTical Knowledge

Towards a more diverse and inclusive SSH community

Dr. Carolin Ossenkop (Connectify, diversity coaching & consulting ) (e.a.)

PrACTical Knowledge

Experience and context: doing justice to different perspectives

Drs. M. Otten (Leiden University Medical Center) (e.a.)

PrACTical Knowledge

In the EU We Trust?: How the European Union responds to public opinion in the Netherlands and beyond.

Dr. Anastasia Ershova (Institute of Political Science, Leiden University) (e.a.)


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