Synergy '22

Building a bridge for impact

Unfortunately, the deadline for submitting a breakout session has passed. It is not possible to submit a breakout session anymore.

Call to submit a breakout session
Join us on 3 February at Synergy ’22. During this fifth edition of Synergy, we will make the shift from, listening to participation; from attending to engagement; and from recognising to solving problems. We kindly invite you to share your ideas by taking the stage at a breakout session. If you have experience, data, or insights on one of  the themes outlined below, the stage is yours: share your findings and ideas with researchers, policymakers and professionals.

For Synergy’22 we’re delving into two interrelated themes. These themes do not only play a key role in current debates about the role of science in society, but also impact and connect both academic and non-academic communities.

Building trust
How do we ensure a future of trust? Scholars and scientists experience the consequences of a growing lack of public trust in expertise and institutions. Yet they are also uniquely able to offer valuable insights into the workings and importance of public trust. Does your work or research focus on issues of trust in societies past and present? Do you have some experience dealing with societal controversies in your work and public outreach? Or do you know an inspiring person who you would like to interview on this topic? Take the lead and submit a proposal for a breakout session at Synergy!

Building impact
From an inspiring public lecture to science-based policy: there are many ways of making a scientific impact on society. Yet it is not always clear who decides on what counts as impact, or whether research results always reach the right audiences. Do you know cases where science, culture and society genuinely connect? Have you found an interesting or effective way of making an impact on society, off the beaten paths? Then take the stage at Synergy ’22 and share your findings. Joint presentations between researchers, civil-society professionals and professionals in other fields employing scientific findings are particularly welcome!

The event
Synergy is for researchers and policy developers interested in people, culture, society and science. At Synergy they learn about the latest research results and discover opportunities for new collaborations. All interested parties are invited to participate and share their knowledge and best practices so that we can jointly develop the themes of building trust and impact.

How does it work?

Click on the Submit button below to start sharing your idea for a Synergy’22 session. Tell us in a few words what you plan to talk about, create or present, why this will be interesting for other participants and how it connects to the themes of Synergy’22. Select the theme that fits your session and the form your session will take. You can submit an idea on your own, but why not organise a session with an interesting contact in your network? We encourage interdisciplinary and cross-sectoral approaches!

From first idea to breakout session

  • All submissions will be reviewed by the Synergy Programme Committee and selected for online voting.
  • If your idea is selected for online voting, make sure you share your idea via social media and other channels and encourage your network to support it.
  • Those whose submissions win the most votes will get to organise their session at Synergy’22.

Important dates

  • Sessions ideas can be submitted until the deadline of 5 November 2021, 14.00 hours.
  • Feasible session ideas that connect to one of the themes will be published on 8 November 2021.
  • Public voting will open from 8 November to 15 November 2021.
  • We’ll announce the shortlist of submissions that won the public vote on the Synergy website on 30 November 2021. In the same week, we will contact the winners to discuss the details and practicalities. If your idea is chosen, you can start preparing and organising in collaboration with us.

Unfortunately, the deadline for submitting a breakout session has passed. It is not possible to submit a breakout session anymore.



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